Real Estate Marketing Tips

Tip 1) Stay top of mind with a regular newsletter.

marketing tipsIt’s a great way to keep your name in front of potential sellers and dramatically improves the number of listings you will get. Include some local interest stories instead of just saying “36 X Street Sold Last Month” why not talk about the owner , why they moved there, why they’re selling, why they love the area etc etc. Provide some value added information, comment on trends in the market (this helps to establish you as an expert), provide tips on renovations (maybe get a local builder or architect to write a column on this, they can help pay for the newsletter as they’re getting valuable exposure)

, talk about landscaping  as long as it’s interesting and relevant your potential sellers will want to read it.

All good marketers are focused on ROI (Return On Investment) in their marketing efforts. One of the best ways to improve your ROI is to lower your costs. Now you can save money by letting print your newsletter template for you in bulk lots. We can offset print your photo and logo in colour and you can then overprint the newsletter on your office copier in black and white, saving you a fortune in colour printing charges but still allowing your newsletter to look professional and eye catching. It really is the best of both worlds.

Tip 2) First you sell yourself then you sell the house.

We all know the first step to selling a house is getting the listing. People will not trust the sale of their largest asset to someone who does not appear professional. Nothing makes you lose credibility faster than poorly designed marketing collateral.

You should think of the money you spend on graphic design as an investment. When determining how much to budget on design you should consider two factors. Firstly what is the size of the print run? Obviously if you are printing 20,000 flyers for a big mail drop then you would budget to invest more in design than you would if the print run was only 100. The second factor to consider is the longevity of the product being printed. If you are printing a fridge magnet or a calendar that people will keep for a long time it makes sense to invest more in that that than you would on a newsletter that will be gone in a month.

Tip 3) Online advertising works.

Information from comparing a standard listing and a “featured listing” over a 16 day time period showed the “featured listing” had 450% more views; 2763 views for the featured listing versus 579 for the standard listing. While the goal is sales not views, over time properties with more views are more likely to sell.

Regardless of whether it is online or print, advertising works. Successful agents invest more in advertising and sell more houses. It can be easy to think “I can’t afford to spend money on advertising” but the most successful agents know you can’t afford not to invest in advertising.